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About NextSTAT
At NextSTAT, we want to provide our customers with as much information as humanly possible without breaching the common privacy concerns from the visitors of our customers. This is always a hard line to walk, since our customers demand as much detail and information as is possible. But at the same time, website visitors want that feeling of comfort and safety from knowing their visit to your site isn't going to trigger unwanted consequences or wasted time. We feel it's our obligation to make sure that concerns on both sides of the fence are met, and that data is safe, secure, and kept from those types of people that might misuse or abuse it.

NextSTAT has over 9 years of experience dealing with high availability servers, clusters, and mass storage backup in dealing with the complex issues that come with this territory. With tens of thousands of customers, our software solutions must stay on the cutting edge of technology to accommodate the extremely high demands of Web Analytics today and in the future as the industry pushes itself to new heights in capacity and capability. As well, we manage our own hardware and customized software systems in a secure data center, giving us a much more hands on approach where many competitors leave the management to outside companies. We believe our finer control of our solutions results in a better product, makes us independent, and leads to quicker responses to customer problems and opportunities that arise.

Our employees are seasoned professionals, with the latest knowledge of web marketing software and hardware platforms. We work with companies of all sizes. We have customers who range from small business to large business. Our products have been highly rated in the web analytic industry. We are loyal to our customers and strive to provide the best experience and information possible at the lowest price points, and we feel we succeed in every way in this regard.

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